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  10. Reading for pleasure was indeed one of the highlights of my time away. I barely watched television and every chance I could (usually in those post-kiddo-bedtime hours), I curled up with a book. Pure magic. And another reminder of why I love to write. To creates stories for others to so savor.

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  13. the most bone chilling line of the entire movie..”start with the little one” as one of the other men unzips his fly. i DO NOT recommend this movie to anyone personally but if you like extreme horror like me this is definitely for you. 7.5 out of 10

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  21. This recipe sounds great! I have a question, after reading through the instructions, I noticed that Step 2 (In a small bowl combine flour, baking soda, and baking powder; set aside.) doesn’t get mentioned again…do you add those ingredients to the cookie dough & cream cheese for the batter? Thanks!

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  293. Isn't this decision fully consistent with accepted ideas about European patent law (and patent law in general)? You can't claim stuff you haven't disclosed (or even invented).I'd say it's not so much the formulation of the claim as it is the lack of correspondence between claim scope and disclosure.Sure there will be many granted patents that go against this decision, but I'd be interested in TBA decisions that take an opposite line.

  294. "They're falling over themselves responding to him in a thread on another blog on which he always takes a contrarian position. With a total inability to make any kind of solid argument, he's nevertheless managed to hijack a thread that could have been really worthwhile if they'd simply ignored him.As it is, it's just another example of the tyranny of the individual, though I doubt any of the participants can see that"Actually, I am just an individual who feels that it is more important to judge individuals by their character, and not by the deeds of persons who happen to look like them.

  295. cara que situacao,vou ficar sempre de olho na placa do meu carro mass…neste nosso pais quem sobrevive e consegue dormir tranquilo,e esta raca de politicos corruptos que estao em brasilia que nos mesmos colocamos ,agora vc,como uma pessoa integra nao dorme tranquio,desculpe pelaspalavras mas,seja firme,por isso que o simbolo da justica e aquilo com uma tarja na cara.isoo e uma vergonha.

  296. En tout cas le tournant qu’il a pris avec Annacone en jouant plus agressif est complètement inopérant face à Nadal alors qu’il reste relativement efficace contre Djokovic (cf leurs deux dernières rencontres en GC, 4-4 entre les 2 joueurs depuis qu’Annancone est arrivé).Tout simplement parce que l’offensive ne marche pas contre Nadal.

  297. C’est certain que le vécu diminue pas en passant la vingtaine. Mais je crois que c’est différent d’une personne à l’autre. Quelques uns sont de plus en plus débordés par leur problèmes en viellissant et d’autre les gèrent de mieux en mieux. Quelqu’un qui gère bien tout les petits problèmes ne sera surement pas lourd pour son partenaire même en étant enseveli de problèmes.

  298. You forgot March – Irish American Month. He is just paying lip-service to all these various peoples. He know more cares about Irish Americans or Caribbean Americans then he does anyone other then his ugly mug for a wife and kids. Point is the NWO could care less about any individual races at all. Obama/Barry Sotero is just another extension of this thousands of year old plot of theirs.

  299. Estudiant : Quelle est la règle ? On peut dire « moi également » ou « moi de même ». Cela veut dire exactement la même chose et tout le monde comprend ce genre de phrases, c’est étonnant comme règle de bon français : des constructions de phrases que tous les autres peuvent comprendre !

  300. My 1960 Studebaker Lark needs non-ethanol gasoline. My local station which formerly sold gasoline without ethanol has told me they can no longer get it. It’s not available in this area. If it’s illegal to put the harmful fuel in my pre-2001 car, where am I going to be able to get gasoline for it?

  301. You have got to be off sides the way Brees feels about us. I think you are going the wrong way. You have to help us poor people even if we don’t know how to take care of our money. What some of you really don’t know in My 12 years, is WE HAD TO WORK IN THE OFF SEASON. We did have enough time to start your Players Association or is it OUR. I can’t remember. You guys get off of your BUTT and help the Old Broke Players of the past. You guys just remember AS A TEAM/… PRESTON

  302. there is no such thing as generic Mediterranean cusine/dishes – you can of course find Ottoman and Moorish influences across countries that have access to that sea but the influences in each specific country are multiple and multinational/ethnic.

  303. je venais ici avec de mauvaises intentions , en me délectant à l’avance de la déconfiture de Marc Rosset face à la victoire de Rafa . Je me disais : » qu’a-t-il pu encore inventer pour ironiser sur Rafael Nadal ? » .Je suis obligée d’avouer que j’ai été bien attrapée…..Rafa a forcé l’admiration de Marc Rosset….On dirait même qu’il a touché son COEUR !!!!

  304. > Miss Marple, je ne sais pas ce que vous avez entendu lors de cette émission, mais je vous confirme que c’est bien dans sa huitième édition (1932-1935) que le Dictionnaire de l’Académie parle pour la première fois «d’être humain de sexe féminin». Auparavant il parlait effectivement de «femelle de l’homme», à quoi il avait rajouté en 1832 « la compagne de l’homme».

  305. No os dejéis engañar por las apariencias, camaradas. Es cierto que los aviones están algo deteriorados, pero una mano de pintura y unos cuantos remaches bastarán para ponerlo a punto. La tecnología soviética es abrumadoramente superior a la occidental, no temáis, nuestra Fuerza Aérea será el terror de los cielos capitalistas.

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  307. Liebe Nina, hier kommt auch ein Fake-Kommentar von mir – ich mag deinen Blog nämlich echt gern, finde deine Arbeit klasse und hoffe, du lässt dich nicht ärgern oder aus dem Konzept bringen von so einem Quatsch. Mach weiter so, deine Fake-Fans freuen sich nämlich – so wie ich! Liebe Grüße, Katrin

  308. Salvatore_Giuseppe: He wouldn’t need to revoke the 22nd Amendment. He can just declare martial law. See ex parte Milligan. The president doesn’t need a Congressional declaration to do so if he, on his own, decides civil authority can’t operate due to “rebellion or invasion”. Of course, that assumes the military would obey him, which I find highly doubtful.