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  9. Querido Rafi, no creo que me escribas esa carta. Entre otras cosas por que creo que no estarias a la altura, ni fisica y por supuesto menos aun cultural. Por cierto Rafi, no dices donde se celebrara la cacerolada. Me gustaría participar, veras que cacerola mas grande llevo

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  38. on Thanks Brad, for creating this space for a discussion around poetry, and the Olympics. (I have not seen the opening ceremonies yet, since i do not have a TV, but am looking forward to watching them taped.) And I am thrilled that Shane was up there. And quite proud. Poetry on the stage is a fine balance, hopefully a performance filled with food for thought. It has to be delicious, delightful, gripping, addictive, contagious. I also think that the better we inhabit our work as poets, the better we are at performing it. So it is a process on a continuum.Thanks for all the comments.

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  299. I think the whole deal of not putting the Priesthood session on-line after its over is kind of silly. They post the text files and then publish the talks in the Ensign the next month anyway. And I have never seen any blatant examples of some off-the-cuff remark being redacted from a published version of the talk, so it isn’t like some secret counsel is being hidden. Just another one of those things that is left over from when Priesthood session really was secret…

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  304. TO dudeman – What does “seriously, wtf” mean? That’s not an opinion or an offered suggestion. School might not suck for you but it does to some. You say you are 13 yo straight guy so are you worried that when you are ready to date that you’ll have trouble finding a girl your age? There are still some straight and bi-females left for you. Since you think it is okay for you to watch female-female porn NOT “lesbian porn” and talk about your sexuality, why do you consider it “crap” that girls your age do the same?

  305. I was really shocked when I read that you had to pay $175 for John Edward´s show! Better it would have been if that amount were given to charity.Here in Brazil there are a lot of Alan Kardec´s followers who, like Mr. Edward, have similar beliefs and honestly foster “growth” of other people – NO MONEY INVOLVED – NEVER!.It is very sad “to validate” that someone plays with the deepest sentiments of other people for the sake of money.“Tell me who you walk with, I will tell you what you are”.Sorry for the honest opinion.

  306. SeriouslyIt’s a wedding… An adult decision meant to last a lifetime… Not a joke or a child’s party. You put this out there, so you should be open to criticism. I hope you had fun, but I also hope you develope a little class before your next wedding.

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  312. I am really sensitive to smells so I can say for sure that I didn’t have this problem. My guess is that it was packed too soon after being “branded” with the label. My go-to solution for scents of any kind is to shake baking soda over it & leave it overnight, then rinse with a vinegar & water solution, which has always worked for me; I don’t know how effective it would be on a chemically scent though. I would give it a try & if it’s still noxious, go ahead & contact the company. They do seem receptive to customer interaction. Good luck– get back to me about what happens, if you think about it

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