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  1. It’s so interesting that you blogged about this. On Thursday I went into a new craft store I’ve just discovered and picked up the magazine that features your blog. That’s the whole reason I’m here. I didn’t buy it, but I loved your things. I memorized your blog address so that I could look it up. I loved your stamps. I’m a block printer, too. I love it. We just block printed our valentines (the kids and I). I wish I could help you out.:)Kelly

  2. Another thought…I use my finger when making Laban and when I can count to 10 without burning my finger then the milk is ready for the starter. I just use Greek Yogurt as a starter rather than the rawbi like back in the day! My how times have changed! When I was little you were very strange eating that strange white “Jello” that smelled funny and tasted weird according to my friends! And now…it’s the rage!

  3. GREAT new schedule and smart moves for these shows— “Harry’s Law” is great and perfect for Sundays. “UP ALL NIGHT” has one of the best casts on TV and deserves Thursdays… They needed something great on Mondays at 10—let’s hope “Smash” is as good as it sounds on paper. “Awake” should round out things nicely. NBC made some huge mistakes last pilot season, picking up crap like “playboy” and “Prime Suspect” over smart, interesting pilots like “Metro” and “Reconstruction”…

  4. Alo camilou! I hope you are all rested up and better. I do wish the strike would be over soon, it’s awkward to say the least but I’m working with it. Actually I have totes ready to load on the blog. And some other goodies. And… and… more totes for fall. All are quietly and minimally romantic I think you could say. So one way or another you’ll still be able to get your hands on one after your little break there and my little break here. Best to you.

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  6. I do see what you did there! Very nice! I’m so glad you found your report to be helpful. That means a lot, since your recent reading of me was very useful as well!I agree with you that even though these readings are energetic scans, it really is possible for just about any type of information to be delivered, including visits from crossed-over loved ones, which is happening more frequently all the time. I try to keep a very open mind, and I’m often amazed by the things that step through it!

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  8. Okay and now this message posted twice without me doing the copy, reenter thing because the message wasn't available for me to copy . . . AND I notice other messages are duplicated here too . . . These little things are a big pain in the *ss!

  9. – I am psyched about this post. And inspired. I am brewing my own kombucha in 2011. First resolution. I share this ritual with you; it is decidedly the best afternoon pick up!! Ginger is my favorite and now I can savor the ritual without the $3.79 daily price tag.November 27, 2010 – 7:59 pm

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  12. Galahad disse:Se cancelar o gasto com publicidade, o custo cai a menos da metade. Quanto vcs pensam que custa um comercial com 02 horas de duração (Guerra Aérea do Futuro), mesmo exibido em tv paga? E um anúncio na capa da edição dominical do NYT?Com toda a sinceridade, esse avião pode ser muito bom, mas também é uma tremenda empulhação pelo que custa.

  13. It’s more expensive bringing someone over with credentials and a resume. I know people who require a college degree when bringing someone over from different countries to help with their children.

  14. I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading authorities in this area (even people high up in greenpeace dont support human-caused global warming)) and if you go back millions of years we are actually a lot colder than the earth has been, the temperature tends to go Warm, then Ice Age, than warm then ice age (note these changes happen over many years). Al Gore is just trying to get votes by pretending to care.

  15. For heavenssake, there are "negroes" in my apt building who can turn the "dialect" on & off the way I can sound like Tony Soprano if I want to. In fact, I could probably speak enough "negro dialect" to pass on the phone with a white Senator from Nevada. It's the racial naivete that never ceases to amaze & discourage me, although I should know better by now. These people are running the country. They all understand "banker" dialect but it doesn't help.

  16. 46000 acres of SW Ontario… now soon to be the bread (or soy) basket of Korea. 1st they lease the land, put up noise polluting turbines to drive you out, buy up the land …put up bigger turbines to be sure everyone (even leaseholders) has to sell out to them… then take all the food they grow and whatever else they can rape and mine back to Korea

  17. Fantastic blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Cheers!

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  19. Nady: ya mas mmang indah, smoga bisa ksana@krisnanto (OM Kris): bsa buat mlepas pnat, palagi yg jarang liat pntai :), smoga bsa ksana mas@odhzar jhadeya:mmang indah dan masih alami, pnginapan ada smacam cotage, buat camping jga bsa, disediakan tenda@Sundul: itu salah satu yg mnjadikan pantai ini mnarik sob, pasti tdk kcewa, palagi pmandangannya jg mmang sngat mnarikthanks sobat smua

  20. Ah Claire, désolée, et merci de me le dire. La cuillerée de sirop d’érable se rajoute dans la compotée d’oignons, une fois qu’ils sont bien fondus, pour les faire caraméliser un peu, une ou deux minutes avant la fin de leur cuisson.Bonjour à la famille MTV!

  21. 24 April 2009 at 1054So… You received your fetish box “this is how albums should be released in the 21st cen­tury, dammit, so stop mourn­ing the object-glory of vinyl albums” object les­son too… and, lis­ten­ing and lis­ten­ing, I’m hard pressed not to agree with the above proxy assess­ment .  #1 DM album chez moi and ris­ing with the sub­lime bul­let which is the 5.1 mix of “Ghost”… Reply

  22. HMS TIRELESS disse:Pois é Baschera! Enquanto os podres vão aparecendo nosso mitômano e amoral ex-rei sol vai fazendo campanha para levar o Nobel da Paz em 2013. Vale tudo, até aceitar prêmio de fancaria na Índia. E qual seria a contribuição do mesmo para a paz mundial? aquele acordo, também de fancaria, celebrado em Teerã? Faz mais sentido indicar uma miss….

  23. Beatriz Morgado 25/11/2009 ResponderConcordo que a amostragem não é suficiente para conclusões em proporção nacional. Acredito que o Twitter é a rede social que cresceu mais e em menos tempo atualmente, mas duvido que ganhe no número de acessos para o Orkut, por exemplo, que apesar de ter funções diferentes do Twitter, é mania nacional desde seu lançamento.

  24. dit :Suis totalement d’ac avec toi ! Quand t’es princesse, t’as surtout pas envie de passer l’aspi !!Imagine Steph de monac avec sa ponceuse à la main : “Cheri, la porte d’entrée à besoin d’un petit rafraichissement”, et bien tout de suite ca fait vachement moins princesse ;-))Encore des marketeux qui n’ont rien compris aux femmes … pfffffffff

  25. Sergio, a orixe das illas Hawai está aceptada de forma xeral como un punto quente (que alguén o defina). Estou dacordo en que a formación das illas Canarias ten maior controversia pero aínda así hai teorías que o explican aceptablemente.Con respecto á intevención de Borja; onde está a maior fonte de ferro do planeta?

  26. "Had computer time." 😀 Sometimes my friend comes over and all we do the whole time is go on the computer. I envy you – I wish I could spend my morning talking to Michael Aranda! (I LOVE Michael Aranda!) Oh, The Time Traveler's Wife. The book is SO MUCH BETTER than the movie! What're you filming? I'm sure it went great!

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  28. 97 skep“talking about these people as if they are children or halfwits who should[n’t] be held responsible for their choices just because some people higher up the food chain also made bad choices is absurd.”Agreed, and speaking of which, we should give out medals for wit to each of these people. I’d give them each half a medal.

  29. Hey… historien er fake.Man dør overhovedet ikke af at drikke ti liter ferskvand. Med mindre man drikker det meget hurtigt og nægter at tisse, sÃ¥ springer ens blære nemlig.Det er desuden ikke unormalt at folk med tømmermænd drikker 6-8 liter vand pÃ¥ en eftermiddag.Held og blog

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  31. Thanks, AG. I think that so many people would be able to relate to your truth here. I know I can. I think it is human nature to feel envy from time to time, but I think we all need to figure out how to control our envy, how to keep it circumscribed and at healthy levels. I am not sure how exactly to do this. I do know that when I am really happy with myself and my life I feel envy a lot less. I guess this makes sense? Please know that I so so appreciate your kind words about me and the blog!

  32. – Hey, I like that! Next time I hit a dead end I’ll, er, visualize myself going for a 2-minute (oh what the heck; since we’re merely visualizing here, let’s make it a 30-minute) jog!Wow, I feel better already! Thanks, Andrew!Robert Hruzeks last blog post..

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  39. Continuez avec ce genre d’article, vous ramenez encore plus de monde vers le vote Front de Gauche. Merci!Vous ne comprenez donc pas qu’il ne suffit pas de crier « vote utile » pour être élu, les gens demandent tout simplement un programme de gauche. Faites évoluez votre programme et le peuple suivra. En attendant, c’est le Front de Gauche qui porte l’espoir du changement.

  40. I missed your point about Smart on the first reading, and I have to say I agree with you. I was very disturbed by how he handled the matchups in the first three quarters. He actually allowed the Pacers to match up small against the Warriors for a stretch in the first half, and they killed us. Given the two teams’ respective personnel, that should never have happened. And if Randolph hadn’t gotten injured, Smart may never have found the lineup that won this game.I like Coach Smart, especially in the interview room, but I’m looking forward to Nellie taking the reins again.

  41. Hidden due to low . .” A little inflammatory language based on ugly stereotypes is just par for the Rupert Murdoch empire” – Not so fast, BASG. The ugliest stereotypes have become the exclusive province of the left and their “journolist” apologists in the media. People like, well, you.Poorly-rated.

  42. Denny, Thanks for your warm remarks! I find it pretty amazing that as I’ve found my voice as a blogger (i.e., I’m finding that place where I feel knowledgable enough to feel authentic offering advice), it seems like my content is resonating with a whole lot more people. Authenticity is huge in this medium!

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  45. Thanks for your comments guys! Sorry I’m a day late with the prize draw – I was revising for a big exam last night and I completely got snowed under with that!I’ve put everyone’s names in a hat and the winner is ….. *drum roll*Mel K!!!!!Congratulations Mel, I’ll email you over your prize now!Love Lexie xx

  46. sg wrote:Maybe Julia thinks we need that kind of aggro in the current environment?The same Crean who had the most ineffectual stint in the Labor leaders box in the entire parties history. He’s hopeless. We haven’t heard a peep out of him since he got the chop and suddenly he’s a winner? When he got rolled the entire country on both sides of politics heaved a great sigh of relief so we wouldn’t be subject to another flavourless, mogadon door stop with him.But hey, if you’re impressed with a dog who can play skittles…

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  48. And, what they don’t tell you in their fancy brochure is that there is no dedicated parking, meaning exactly zero … the stadium is directly under the flight path … and road access is worse than Candlestick! and the Yorks know it all. Not to mention the police checkpoints, up to 1-hour walking to/from parking when you finally find it … no weeknight events (not Monday thru Friday) ever … never !. Wind … worse than Candlestick! The whole experience awaiting the fans in Santa Clara is going to be worse than Candlestick … and the Yorks are just fine and agree with it.

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  50. ve vos… todo empezó con Pam (así suena mas actriz) y vamos a terminar hablando de niebla y pichí, por eso cada día me gusta mas esta vara =)se presta para abordar todo tipo de temas… Heidy aunque es injusto tener un pajarito en cautiverio, es mas fácil de conseguir que un perro como niebla…

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  54. Thrifting isn’t easy. It’s a talent, really. It’s easy for you because you have that talent (& apparently it’s in the genes! Lucky you!) Lookin forward to seeing your redesigned room. 🙂

  55. 3 octobre 2008 Ca personne ne l’a nié. sauf que ton « ouin si tu es contre ca, ca veut dire que des millions de salariés du secteur bancaire seront virés, vilaine » c’est de la démago pure.quant à « L’utilisation de nos fonds ne nous concernent pas je pense… « . ah ben soit. Tu permettras qu’on pense autrement.

  56. Pensaba escribir un comentario. Me causó mucha gracia lo que leí, invitado por el buen Fito. He ido a 8 concierto de Joaquín, 7 como invitado especial. Y los últimos, son los mejores. Mi estimado Molina, si en realidad conocieras a Joaquín!!Pero decía, no escribiré, porque aquí apesta a Folino. Y eso sí francamente me da asquito.Mucho Joaquín.

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  58. I agree whole-heartedly with Sheri Inman, and we just discovered why Obama’s economic policies have failed. He can’t do simple math. We are currently in the two hundred thirty-fifth year of the Independence of the United States of America. The last time I checked, the Declaration wasn’t signed until July 4, 1776.

  59. La plus part des chrétiens et/ou laïcs avec lesquels je parle de tels agissements ne semblent pas conscient que cela un jour peut arriver en Europe de l’ouest, cela leur semble lointain, ne pas concerner finalement nos sociétés occidentale et être de l’ordre de sociétés aux mentalités archaïques, de fait ils préfèrent ignorer et ne pas dénoncer.

  60. Vis av erfarenheten sÃ¥ utgÃ¥r jag frÃ¥n att Storasyster är brutalt sjuk och att det är en extremt smittsam version av vinterkräk. Men… bara en omgÃ¥ng i natt (iofs ingen liten omgÃ¥ng) + pigg o glad o äter nu sÃ¥… om jag inte visste bättre sÃ¥ hade man kanske hoppats pÃ¥ att hon ”bara” fÃ¥tt nÃ¥t kasst i systemet

  61. I agree that the U.S. should tax foreign airlines at a higher rate than domestic flights. If foreign airlines are able to fly to our country and make a profit, we should also be making a profit from it as well. After all, they will be using our infrastructure, i.e. our airports, air traffic control, etc. I do not believe cutting taxes on domestic flights is a sensible solution. With the loss of millions and possibly billions of dollars, where would that be made up? The non flying public sure wouldn’t want taxes increased on other goods and services to make up for the deficit.

  62. Dreambes, je veux pas te manquer de respect, ou te paraitre condescendant, mais franchement, pourquoi tu l’ouvre? Cette album, Wars of the roses, est plein de bonnes idées, mais c’est vrai, la piste Providence avec ses coeurs c’est mauvais et pas à sa place…et l album dans l ensemble laisse une impression de "j ai raté le c…

  63. I don’t see black people « oppressing » nor economically dominating over white people much less any other race, no where in this world – not even in Africa.<>You don't see Zimbabwe, of course. You don't want to. The tribal dictator has evicted his country's white farmers and seized their land, and now his country is starving. But you don't see it, because you don't want to see it.

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  66. I think there is a misconception of the term socialization. It does not mean to move in lockstep – while the word might have the same linguistic roots as the word socialism, it is not to "behave like in a socialist country and move in lockstep like a group of soldiers". Socialization is simply the process of a child learning how to live and interact in their respective environment. To live and learn how to interact within its own culture, family etc.

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  195. JJ – Mary – love it. The new logo is beautiful and perfect. I love the colors. You’re amazing! You capture everything in the perfect way – even the look of your blog. I tried to “subscribe” but when I went to the “subscribe” button, it disappeared and “uncategorized” showed up instead. Very possibly user error as I am not very tech-savvy. We hope to see you again soon. Maggie will turn one in August and I will need, need, need pictures. Congrats! -JJ

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  274. I used one of these pens to put quilting lines on a dark gray silk table runner. The color of the pen came out with the heat of the iron. HOWEVER -the runner now has white lines that remained. I have tried spot remover, I have tried soap and water, and I even consulted with my dry cleaner. The lines only show up at certain angles, but what was going to be a donation to a worthy cause is now useful only to me. Any suggestions to remove those marks?

  275. Please bring Mr. Visible’s Neighborhood from 1991 back! With all his ‘channels’ in a new 2009 updated version but with the same hard hitting, truth seeking, exposing journalism content from those glory days.MouserP.S. Did you ever finish your specialization in pathology/laboratory medicine or is that still on hold.

  276. I LOVE Ceasar! He has an amazing understanding of the really bad issues with dogs.I wish he would open a Cesar dog school for those of us who don’t livein L.A.I also love the Monks, totally different energy than Cesar, but really great as well.I watched the English woman for all of 15 min. I couldn’t stand her!

  277. J’ai lu votre billet, mais pas jusqu’au bout … je me suis arrêtée à « femme de ménage », c’est-à-dire « l’autre ». Je n’ai pas de bien matériel : ni maison, ni placement. Je déteste avoir un frigo plein à craquer, j’aime ne pas avoir. Et j’ai réussi … alors .. LA CRISE !

  278. cuanta internet les falta. la solución al cubo está publicada hace DECENAS DE AÑOS. 10 minutos es una guasada de tiempo.In the “Guiness Buch der Rekorde 1986″ you find:On June 5, 1982 Min Thai, USA, won the Rubik`s Cube Championship in Budapest. His time: 22.95 s. SEGUNDOS.

  279. Thanks for the great reminders about our responsibility in this situation. It just shows what happens in a nation when God is slowly taking His hands off and no longer blessing. It will only be upon national repentance that things have any hope of changing. Thanks for the timely post

  280. I tried to pre-order the CyrusLink ipod dock. I’ve wanted it for ages now. But it hasn’t appeared anywhere on the internet outside of the Cyrus site and the What Hi-Fi magazine pages. Then I went on play.com and they were offering it for €111 or so. I bet I have to pay an extra €30 from someone else.

  281. Caro Vincenzo, qui ci trascinano verso un solo luogo. E non é un luogo piacevole. Ah già, adesso l’Inferno non esiste o se esiste é vuoto. Dimentico sempre di “aggiornarmi”. Come faró io povero piccolo cattolico dalla Fede infantile, che non ha il dono della fede adulta?

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  283. The vast majority of those weapons are either mil-surp bolties, of the Mauser, SMLE or MN designs or the AK, with a smattering of L1A1/FAL’s and a dash of vintage German stuff circa WWII thrown in.Not much in the way of American hardware on the dark continent to be sure. The Ruskie RPG has obviously been very popular for the last couple of decades too.Just nothing more than a hit piece, as usual. Still pisses me off, nonetheless.

  284. gun toter–Less modesty, more link whoring please. Leave live link so we can jump to your words of wisdom, like these:But yeah, he’s taken ignorance to a whole new level.And what level would that be, whacko?And can we blame him, considering his mother’s views of his existence? Ms. Lillian was a wise woman, and he knew it.

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  287. Thank you SO much, Diana! I think ALL women go through this — and I think Men certainly have their insecurities as well. Im just more savvy w/ the women’s issues, lol. It’s not easy — but I just do my best at being who I was intended to be…Im not a fancy chick, I NEVER wear heels, and Id much prefer a baseball game to some ritzy gala…can I *do* ritzy gala? Sure. But my lil’ tush prefers beer to champagne on most days.

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