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  1. Kamil: Tohle popsal Jung jako individuaci. A má to i mnoho dalších jmen.Myslel jsme ale zednáře jako elitní spolek. PÅ™irovnal bych to ke golfovému klubu. Taky můžeÅ¡ dÄ›lat bez problémů jakýkoliv jiný sport. Vstup do golfového klubu je ale omezován vysokými poplatky, které si nemůže dovolit každý. Tak se na golfu setkávájí hlavnÄ› umÄ›lci, bussinesmeni, politici,…

  2. A esquerda flori-bélica mandar-nos-ia ser tolerantes para com os nossos irmaos maometanos, a direita sem tomates acobardava-se, exigia justiça mas de uma forma muito tímida, para não arriscar receber represálias da esquerda bem-pensante ou, pior, dos assassinos maometanos.Em suma, apesar do panico da população e do alarido na comunicaçao social, no caso de um ataque terrorista, em Portugal os políticos que temos agiriam conforme ao politicamente correto mostrando que estavam a ser feitos esforços enormes para minimizar a ameaça terrorista.Parabéns pelo Blog.

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  4. lowest score for the hole wins a skin. each skin has a value to it, determined by the golfers. if you end the day with five skins, and they’re worth $2/each, you win $10. If there’s any ties, they carry over to the next hole. If they carry over to 18 and there’s still a tie, any number of ways can break the tie- longest made putt, replay the hole, whoever knows the air-speed velocity of a swallow, you name it.

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  6. Bolsa Ugly Girl,Now you are getting uglyyyyyy!! I ain’t any one of the above. So don’t group me in with them. Your real color is showing that you are just a Trannie hater and you camne down with Trannie envy. Small poxes are growing out of your once cute face!You haven’t thrown me a Janet Nguyen Gang Sign from Santa Ana. Whaz up with that, bitch!?

  7. You should definitely catch up on “the best of Travellinbaen” page for some of the old stories Mac. This one came up in conversation just last week, the classics never truly get “old.”And I think playing the dark side gives you about a .o1 better percentage than the light. But the social stigma ain’t worth it and you are right, in the end, the casino always wins. I miss craps, but having a little scamp around to think of makes the stakes of gambling a little higher than they once were.

  8. I amthinking about changing the carpet at condo. Just purchased. What kind of floor is more soundproofing: hard floor, laminat, linoleum or carpet? I would prefer the hard floor, but I heard that it will be pretty noisy for my nneighbors From the1st floor. We will be live on the 2nd. What is more soundproofing? And budget?

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  11. So JDate is in a way the exception that proves the rule. As is http://www.someonejewish.com , jmeet.com, totallyjewishdating.com.As is the ADL, and AIPAC, and Commentary, and JINSA, and Jewcy.com, and « project Birthright » and Hebe magazine and Alan Dershowitz, and Elliot Abrams, and David and Merav Wurmser, and Jonah « Israel has more right to its land than the United States has to the Southwest » Goldberg. All exceptions, each and every one.

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  13. Tendrías que hacer una entrada por capítulos para responder a todas mis preguntas, pero sería pedir demasiado y, seguramente, violar unas cuantas reglas de confidencialidad.Alguna anécdota, similitudes y diferencias, cómo acabaste allí…Todo lo que se pueda escuchar de la US.Navy seguro que será bien recibido por todos.¡Espero leerte pronto!

  14. Well first of all I'm speaking primarily of the mythification of sixties counterculture, in this case WoodstockSecondly while I appreciate creativity, it has to be focused somewhere useful. Stoned people are very creative, the results are just rarely worthwhile. Writers under the influence of drugs testify that they feel very creative, but that the output is generally a waste of time.The Me generation was about self-indulgence, and its consequences have seriously damaged America.

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  16. Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

  17. ‘Reading here and many other jew wise sites is like looking into the abyss. The abyss starts looking back at you.’ American bornSomething about that makes sense to me on a whole other level.Thx Incog.I try to keep my eye on the big picture as much as possible. I learned a lot from the vets and would like to see them post more. Maybe in time. IMO, it would balance things out nicely.

  18. The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

  19. Man please, are Blacks more violent than whites don’t think sowhat happen to the thousands of killed in slaverly or the hangins by the KKK after slavey, police so called excident killing there is way more black on black crime than black on white murder oyea has anybody seen any indians lately.

  20. Hey Travis! Are the song lists really on your official website? The Boone event was never posted. I think that was around the time the website was getting ready to be “remodeled”! And, I can’t seem to find any songlist on your new website right now. I hope I’m just missing it and will discover how to get find it.Thank you for all you do! You are terrific!

  21. Heeh Saskia!Een beetje laat maar nog van harte met je verjaardag!Leuke kado's gehad hoor.Ik las dat je naar het kaeskoppenfestijn was geweest,misschien heb je me nog gezien of sta ik ,weleens waar als onbekende maar toch,op je foto's!Ik was eén van de doodgravers!!!(enige rol die nog over was).Heb wel zalig over de grachtjes gevaren en de mensen de stuipen op het lijf gejaagd!Het was zo niet mij die rol maar toch wel erg leuk.Groetjes Anita.

  22. iar cu asta le da comunistoizilor liberaloizi peste bot de-i umple de sange:“Astăzi, Germania are un cancelar şi un preşedinte care au trăit pe propria piele lipsa libertăţii şi a democraÅ£iei. De aceea Germania este foarte sensibilă în privinÅ£a subminării standardelor democratice şi a statului de drept”, a precizat Krichbaum.

  23. Bem dito. Nao há povo europeu mais mestiço e cruzado que o portugues. Por isso somos tolerantes, viajantes e universalistas como nenhum outro. Por isso, tambem, o nosso imperio foi o menos racista de todos e hoje a nossa extrema direita é tao insignificante, quando comparada com os “grandes” da Europa.

  24. A resolução 242 pretende começar tudo de novo pondo cada adversario no seu terreno onde cabiam as respectivas fronteiras inicias, antes do conflito, nos podiamos não reconhecer a espanha mas tinhamos fronteiras e cada um vivia do lado das respectivas fronteiras independentement de se reconhecer.O que os israelitas fizeram foi criar uma situação em que isso é impossivel colonatos e assentamentos

  25. BCKnee-jerk? i think claiming everything is going fine after a handful of shoddy wins is far more knee jerk than saying that there are a lot of flaws in this team and the tactics. Regarding the matter of life and death, well thats just how we each support the team, i want to see us winning, in style, playing great football, dominating teams and be envied by all. Chelsea are not my little dinner/beer time sideshow entertainment.Reply

  26. If you look at most public storage places you will find that opening the ceiling of your unit will give you access to those of your neighbors. Also true in many condominium projects. Pretty simple to rent a unit, move into the adjoining units, loot them and leave undeterred.

  27. One thing we’ve enjoyed doing together is packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. And since our children have birthdays that fall in among the Holidays, we now host a packing party each year in honor of their birthdays, and encourage friends and family to pack shoeboxes in lieu of any birthday presents. (This horrifies some people when they hear of it, but no one is really deprived. Our children still get to celebrate their individual birthdays with family.

  28. De rien Fabrice, ton tuto m’a bien aidé et m’a poussé à explorer un domaine qui me faisait peur, le htaccess ! J’ai du mal à comprendre ton idée en revanche : tu veux faire une 301? Ton contenu a intérêt d’être vraiment connexe, non pas pour Google mais tout simplement les gens qui cliqueront sur un sujet donné.

  29. Yes, ok then faustusnotes. My motivation in posting the link was not to score or even necessarily make a point; it was about opening a reasoned discussion. However, you’d have to point me in the direction of who/what you mean by valuable pomo feminist thinking. Notwithstanding that, Turner does seem to imply that the absence of class analysis depoliticises women’s liberation leaving a feminism that generates not much more than a generalised sense of grievance deriving from a frustrated sense of entitlement. Hence the role of young women in the recent display of extreme shopping in England.

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  34. I became a big fan of Mr. Foster’s books in high school, and so I am naturally over the moon that he is a part of the KAS project. I can’t wait to read his contribution. Thanks for the cool interview, Tony…and thanks to Mr. Foster for contributing. It’s made an already exciting experience even more incredible.

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  36. Is it all right to "jump to conclusions" now?I think that would constitute a very discreet, tiny leap, almost not noticable. Except of course for the so-called 'President', for whom it would constitute a 7-mile leap into the realm of – *gasp* – Courage!Not holding my breath, though. His 'advisors' seem to be in disagreement on how to program his .

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  38. Hello I am over from Miss Minimalist (and realising I may have to minimalise the number of crumbs in this keyboard if this is going to make sense). Already subscribed so will be back. Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks having a relationship with a non-minimalist would be difficult. Thanks for the thoughts about the printer too. I have thought about not replacing mine next time, but at the moment I do seem to need it. Not sure about the 100 items thing, I may qualify but haven’t counted nor plan to

  39. , I would call her and speak to her. If that doesn't help go to the administration and speak to them about it. The squeeky wheel gets the grease ya know? The more parents who speak up the more likely something will be done about. Retirement or not there is no reason for her to continue to behave that way.

  40. The common,but of course not universal, Atheist faith in technology, in "progress" (for example Atheists frequently conflate "progress" and "evolution") is actually a machine fantasy, and as such, should be thought of as a belief system. Atheism per se is not. I believe modern Atheism is a cynical response to a culture which is no longer functioning, much as late Medieval Diabolism and "Satanism" was.

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  42. Huele a que hay motivos políticos. Por ese “Los bancos son culpables” lo deduzco.Cierto es también que hoy no se puede ser rancio, y si se compara con Público, sin ir más lejos, pues como que no. La creatividad, y la calidad de todos modos también se compran con dinero. Una pena (que será la alegría de unos cuantos).

  43. CB,I do agree that Nate is wrong but why call him “stupid”. That won’t show him where he is wrong. David suggested That Nate go and read scripture, and he very well should to get a good picture of what the NT church lookes like. However,I suggest that you, CB, do that as well. Start with Ephesians.. Chapter four is a good place to start. Though I think for full context the whole book is good.Jeremiah

  44. Maaf, kalau tidak ada indikasi operasi, ya bersalin normal saja. Dua operasi yg terdahulu ga’ ngaruh. Tentu saja stress pasca operasi jangan direpressi. Harus diutarakan kepada dokter anda. Itu termasuk PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Kelahiran putra/putri ibu hendaknya menjadi kegembiraan yg dinanti-nanti. Jangan sampai nanti anda mengalami depresi pasca persalinan.Semoga membawa berkah…

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  46. motion to dismiss infers injunctive relief from disclosing prima facie evidence that a ss# is UNVERIFIABLE; that BHO's. name is not the name he was born with, therefore no record would be found.Whatever Ga. Law states the goal is to WITHHOLD EVIDENCE BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.That is the judge's call.

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  48. tobyJim,Thanks for the comment. You have a couple of full frame options – the most affordable being the . . unless you are photographing high speed action! You could even buy used to save some money. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. The T4i is excellent and quite user friendly but is not going to be able to compete with the image quality coming out of a 5D, really depends on what you are looking to achieve.  

  49. Surely this isn’t about the brands, but about the clients. Much as I love the 47%ers passion for « turning around » those brands with tired, staid advertising, the truth is that for most of those brands that is what the client wants.I’m guessing that the reason that the brands mentioned above (Sony, Guinness, Cadbury, The Economist) have so many creatives submitting work for them is that there is a chance that the client might actually BUY it.Just watch – when the marketing director of Cadbury gets promoted/poached/fired and moves on, the advertising will soon return to banality.

  50. Mary, I love the use of all of the peppers and the smoked paprika in this dish. Especially the poblano, which has come to be a favorite of mine. Great reading too, who of us hasn't been initiated into the been there,done that school of life, especially in the kitchen. I'm having a hard time wiping the smile off of my face now. Thanks.

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  54. I'm a St. Louis citizen, so I've been following this all winter. Having a choice between launching forwards and backwards would be impossible because engineers have to manually reverse the brake fins on the ride. And as far as I know, Mr. Freeze is still considered the main attraction at SFSTL, so this should just boost its reputation! Can't wait to go at the end of this month!

  55. Hi Preston,I just recently broke my leg so I have been at home looking for things to read and I came across your blog while looking for xmas table arrangement ideas online. I love your blog and your work! I’ve ordered 2 of your books from amazon to keep me company and I can’t wait till they arrive in australia. Thank you !

  56. Years ago in Art school I was in love with a punk girl (like a goth girl with talent)and I broke up with her because I made the mistake of thinking I should be with a nice normal girl (it took me years to realise there is no such thing, none worth having anyway) Some goth girls are very cute, especially the ones with funny glasses. Regarding armpit hair on women: like all forms of hair styling (that includes everything seen and unseen)it varies from woman to woman.There is no one perfect look for a woman, which is why fashions change so frequently.

  57. It’s good to keep people on track. The rhetoric is so distracting, that few manage to remember what is actually at issue. In many cases, values boil down to buzzwords. Keep reminding the politicians (and all the other public faces) that some of us are actually listening.

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  59. Takk det samme John, du bør bytte lag før nedturen kommer, da er det ikke så in å dbære manure fan lengre- Du oppfører deg som spillerne på favorittlaget ditt når de taper, som en suttrete drittunge.Denne bloggen er veldig populær og blir lest av mange hundre hver eneste dag, du bør fortsette med det du også,. så kanskej du lærer noe,-Skal du liksom bli tatt på alvor og er så mye bedre enn meg når du pga din uenighet kaller folk idiot?Vargas

  60. No, I do apologise for that comment.It just infuriates me sometimes when people (I’m not singling you out, or I’d say “you”, not “people”) can’t see what’s right in front of their faces!I have no qualms about the intelligence or abilities of someone who spells? something wrong once or a million times, I just want America to wake up and see McCain’s a failure!He has IN NO WAY got the American people’s interests at heart.

  61. Well, it sounds like Dumas was around 25% African (Haitian), and from the B&W photo, he indeed seem to look a lot like Cornel West.On the other hand, I’m not sure whether too many people would suspect him of being James Watson’s long-lost brother…or even James Watson’s long-lost paternal or maternal uncle.And it’s really not too surprising that « eye-balling » is pretty good means of determining crude ancestry. After all, it’s a human-evolved trait with pretty obvious selective advantages.

  62. A hearty amen to that gasmonso. Gay people should be allowed to reap the same benefits the government offers straight people. If the government recognizes marriage it becomes an inherently secular institution. If Christians want to keep it a religious rite only then all government support and benefits for it should be pulled. Gay people don’t choose to be gay just like black people don’t choose to be black. Not allowing gays to have equal benefits is the same as forcing blacks to the back of the bus. It is bigotry in its worst form, bigotry “ordained by God.”

  63. oui, si vivre 2 ans sur le sol americain, d’abord en y étudiant (Californie) puis en y travaillant (NYC) y compris avec des Latinos d’ailleurs, peut etre considéré comme une expérience touristique…et si leur vie n’est pas parfaite, loin s’en faut, aux Etat-Unis, s’ils y restent c’est bien qu’ils considèrent qu’elle est tout de même meilleure que ce qu’elle serait dans leur pays d’origine

  64. Putin is not power hungry, he doesn’t like killings of inoccent mothers, bebies and the old. He wants peace for all !! Russians where never a greedy nation like our brothers in all western countries including usa. Ones a old polish man said, when americans do die, he does bet on it that the last word that comes out is “money” because they are so greedy. i was wondering about that, what that old polish guy knew.

  65. Aimee Jorani Very helpful post. I deleted my personal facebook account that was linked to an older business page. I opened up a new business page directly and find using it like this a little more problematic. I am hoping you can help. 1. I didn’t mean to link my notes page to my business page, so I am not able to write any notes, is there a way to reverse this? 2. When I comment directly on a page that I liked, my name does not show up, there is no image and name to my post. How can I change this? Thank you.

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  67. Another hard one is saying “stop” when someone is haranguing you on a subject already well covered, perhaps after my having said “no”. I have learned to say “stop” in such a situation and the relationship has improved. In respecting myself enough to set up boundaries my partner is responding with more respect!

  68. Who motivates me? That would be Briana! She smokes through those heavy lifts but she’s got nothin on my killer stride, haha! Thanks to Bri for motivating me to dominate kipping pull ups, which were seemingly impossible. I like Paige’s phrase of being “pissed but in a motivating way”! I saw Bri rocking the pullups and was like wtf?! Now it’s on!!! It feels like you’re always one step ahead of me but I’ll keep on nipping at your heels!

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  311. I couldn’t get the first link to work either. Second link works fine. Scroll down to the middle of the list of videos that appear. The guy who interviewed Dr. Lott is an idiot. He quotes several people who gloomily predict, « This COULD happen and that COULD happen ». He never presents any facts, just predictions of gloom and doom. I hope he either doesn’t live in D.C. or never has anyone break into his house.

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