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  1. If the Web makes the metaphors of, for example, feminism more concrete, does this mean that you are arguing for a politics of this new Holographic self? Arguing that this new self is in ways empowering, emancipatory, rather than simply in news ways alienating? Do you see the Web constructing new Hegemonic tendencies or shattering these tendencies? Too simple a question? I guess I’m just wondering where/whether politics comes into this.

  2. Sep 12, 2012. This year would be a great year to go see the Orioles and the prices are not as cheap as they have been in the past. But it is worth the price (if you’re an Orioles fan), to go see them before the season is over. It’s been quite a few years since we have been doing this well into September.~Leslie

  3. "in the same year," we know that Mr. Watanabe's opinion (Item #12) was also written in 1876.If you want me to change something, please write it in English because Google Translator does not work very well, and I cannot really understand if you are asking me to change something.

  4. Would the military doctors conduct a ?I wasn’t too sure of this but my husband is in the military and we have been talking about getting a semen analysis done on him. Of course it would benefit us to go through the military since medical coverage through them is free but we didn’t know if they perfomed this test or not. Anybody know for sure? Thanks for any help and good luck to everyone out there TTC!

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  7. Oh, Karen. YOU are my inspiration for beauty blogging. I love that you put so much effort and personality into every post. These many comments should keep you goin’ versus that one lousy comment. Cheers to you!! P.S. Everyone have their bad moments. I had mine just last night, too.

  8. Update on my original post (where'd it go?), where I was underwhelmed by the results. We took the leftovers, cut them into florets, drizzled them with olive oil, and roasted some more. This time – awesome! While the presentation was not as impressive as roasting it whole, I think I'd make it the latter way again in the future.

  9. Fast vad har då hänt med mina läsares kommentarer? De säger ju att de har lämnat kommentarer som inte har publicerats. Jag har inte fått meddelanden om dessa. Men jag tackar för hjälpen och uppmanar mina läsare att försöka kommentera igen. Om det inte går hör jag av mig.Hälsningar,Minerva/Martina

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  12. Speaking for myself and like minded individuals, I am happy that the unemployment benefits were extended and not overly upset that the taxes on “rich” people will not be raised. My sense of fairness tells me that both are the right thing to do. Two sets of people, in theory both hard working, were set to be punished – not a good thing.The only way to get the deficit under control is to focus on reduced spending – by either cutting the number of federal jobs or by reducing the rate that these workers are paid.

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  16. Thanks for the support chaps. Mark’s done the triple today, and being part of Team GB is one of the most tested men in the world let alone the peloton. I have to admit a doubt when Ricco accelerated in a Pantani way, but I trusted that as part of the young ones, he wouldn’t play dirty.Wrong, I was so wrong, and I wonder now if the only teams we can trust are French or the recently cleaned up acts from Germany and Denmark. Spain and Italy are surely now, with all their riders, under the microscope.I’ll give it another day before crying.

  17. “That is government” and the concealed weapon process that you loved isn’t. Forget the good. Emphasize the bad. I’m sure glad life doesn’t work like that, otherwise we’d all be in a perpetual state of bitching and complaining. Oh, wait…While I won’t argue that 95 is substantially quicker with the express lanes, I can’t recall any one mentioning how nice and quick and easy it was before the change. Traffic on 95 during rush hour has always been crap as long as I’ve lived here. .

  18. It’s never too late, Abram. If you have been wanting to give it a shot for some time then you should — simple as that. Be sure to take it slow and enjoy yourself. It’s a very fulfilling and beneficial sport. Bring a friend and don’t be shy to ask questions — climbers are (usually) open, friendly people.Also, in regards to the article, it would have been helpful if you had specified which city The Hive was in ha. For a second there I thought we were getting a 4th gym in Ottawa. :- )

  19.   September 19, 2006>Renee, I’m probably not the best one to ask about finding CPs. I’d never had an actual CP before a few months ago. My CPs and I are in the same RWA chapter.But I know others who’ve never met their CPs in person. They do everything on-line, which is how we do it too. Though we see each other a some chapter meetings. Not nearly often enough, though.

  20. serge crosson a écrit :quelle heureuse découverte je viens de faire,privé d’internet +de telephon (perdu en Turkey) depuis mon retour.Merci de nous faire profiter de ces talents (pas si cachés que ça),quel potentiel Tristan !Grace aux photos aussi on revie une 2° fois ce voyage dont je garde un excellent souvenir.Mon seul pb :remettre un visage sur tous ces prénoms…

  21. guido:tu confondi la velocità di navigazione (che è una cosa) con la potenza di calcolo che è tutta un’altra cosa…uhm… fatto sta che 4 processori a 1.6 sono 4 processori a 1.6, e le velocità (che io confondo, non certo tu!) non si possono sommare.Comunque non inalberiamoci su queste cose, dai!Siamo già (come giustamente hai notato) abbondantemente OT.E’ che fin che si discute, è bello discutere. (lapalissiano)

  22. At this point, I’d be fine if they would just admit they didn’t want to make that choice. Perhaps they didn’t feel they could do it justice, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.As you state, however, there are a variety of relationships from which you can choose, so it’s not as if anything Shepard does is really canon. I think you and I are on the same page when it comes to the fact that our Shepards may perform the same actions, but perhaps for different reasons, and perhaps slightly different.

  23. Today was the day. South Florida’s only Progressive Talk radio station switched to sports. I got into my car after work and heard the sports talk and promptly removed 940 from my pre-sets. I already have 4 sports stations set in my car radio. I don’t need 5.Hopefully, 850 or another station will have the sense to bring Progressive talk back to the area.

  24. I love the title of this post.Duck Tales is a classic. Shame that Capcom no longer has the license to these Disney games. Duck Tales and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers deserve a Virtual Console release.You haven't played Kirby Super Star? Whoa. If you plan to get Kirby's Dream Collection this month, I hope you check KSS out. It's one of my favorite Kirby games as well as many other fan's faves.

  25. Esqueça essas pes­soas mesquin­has. Nov­e­las fora da TVI só a Favorita parece fun­cionar durante a sem­ana e ao Fim de Sem­ana Vila Faia mas isso porque não tem con­cor­rente na hora . A pro­gra­mação da Sic fora o fim de sem­ana que não está mal de todo, está pés­sima englobo nisso o dia todo, pior que as nov­e­las da TVI o Goucha e a Júlia( só vale a pena durante a sem­ana por Vips Man­i­cure e a Favorita ás vezes o resto esqueçam, bem as séries estrangeiras são boas mas pas­sam muito tarde).

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  28. Here is the situation: Howard wants trade to the NetsNets don’t have the personnel to get that trade go thruWhat do you think will be the best move of Magic?Lakers should focus on this chip first before making any other moves. If Dwight becomes a Laker, the best move is to retain Gasol, take Calderon as a PG on MLE and the rest on all other players who want Championship on minimum or 8.5 TPE.On our own FA’s, i think Sessions can be retained for 3 years and may lose Hill to Minny’s caps space.

  29. I know I’m too late qith this question anyway but what does “You may only enter ONCE, so make it count.” exactly mean. I interpreted it, that I can only upload my entry ONCE and only ONE image. I’m pretty sure that some of the contestants re-uploaded their images with some improvments.

  30. Is #1 true about travel? I like traveling alone, in part because I know I don’t have to. That is, I have a spouse, friends, family who I could travel with/visit. I know a couple acquaintances who have few friends and I just can’t imagine them viewing solitary travel in the same way…but I’m not convinced.#6 is painfully true. The phrase that gets me more often is “What you have to understand is…” Mmhmm, is my sudden desire to knock your teeth out? Is that what I’m understanding?

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  32. Trevor…well, whatever complaints anyone has about this new Commercialisation Australia, i personally feel glad that it is coming about, because it is the area I need funding, and the area that previously there was absolutely NOTHING available at all from anyone (government or private sector)… so its about bloody time… but on the other hand, i will believe it when i see the details.  

  33. Your blog has become the first thing I read in my very busy day and it is the one thing I consistently check back into that does not fill my stomach with knots or my thoughts with dread around public education.. Your writing clearly delineates and brings notice to bad, unfair, moronic and mendacious people and decisions in a way that rallies others to attention and/or action. Thank you for chronicling and expounding so eloquently in this dark and greedy chapter of education. Your blog serves a vital service.

  34. You make it sound so simple and perhaps it’s time for politics in Yemen to be simplified. I’m sure, however, that Hadi is not getting this valuable advice. Maybe the latter part of this piece should be renamed “An Open Letter To Hadi” and posted in a Yemeni newspaper to read, assuming of course he’d be allowed to read anything of his volition.

  35. Monsterpiece Theater! I love that.Like the others, I still have a hard time with Jason. Who is almost 9. Well, he is fine with his hands, but his toenails. Good Lord, that child is ticklish and squirmy.Anyway, try cutting Jedi's nails after he goes to sleep. That's how I always did it when they were little.

  36. Ja, jeg synes ogsÃ¥ den er helt fantastisk! Ligesom en del andre ting fra samme kollektion – lidt tarveligt, at man skal sidde og sukke over det i sÃ¥ lang tid endnu PS, det er helt sikkert en Trend (nÃ¥r man arbejder H&M er man aldrig i tvivl hæhæh).

  37. Love this sweet soup. I just made it a few weeks ago and added quails eggs. Oh, please go to my blog to claim your Stylish Blogger Award. It was given to me by another fantastic blogger, Elisabeth and one of the rules is to pass on to other bloggers whom I think are fantastic and you are one of them in my list. Thanks again for sharing with us all the wonderful stories and recipes. HUGS!

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  40. I just push the wedges in by hand, the low angle on the wedges pulls it up tight. I have disassembled/assembled the bench about dozen times, I cant’ see any wear on the wedges or tennons yet. If down the road you did have to make new wedges it only takes about 30min to make them.

  41. Zgadzam się. Automat byłby lepszy. W planach jest wpis jak nie kupować klasycznego auta, bo popełniłem kardynalne błędy przy wyborze i zakupie To trochę tak jak z pierwszy garniturem u taniego krawca. Myślisz, że wszystko wiesz i zrobisz świetny interes, a w rzeczywistości jest odwrotnie i trzeba poprawiać i poprawiać. Dzięki.

  42. Ugh! I HATE those retail experiences. I was in a Nordstrom’s once and had a similar experience to your return scenario. It’s Nordstrom’s peeps, your stuff ain’t cheap, and if it doesn’t fit I wanna take it BACK! Don’t guilt trip or get huffy, you’re supposed to be a store prided on customer service.

  43. What a wonderful road trip! I can’t believe you drove such long distances with two little ones. You went through two of my fav places- Kolhapur and Belgaum have immediate family in both places. And yes, Adarsh Hotel has very good food. Never heard of Sony Hotel though. The bread and soup all looks very good and monsoon-friendly.

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  46. Yes and it has already started—can anyone remember that little airplane company that used to be headquartered here? What was its name…B-something, I think…..Of course the libs boing, boing, boinged it right out of the Northwest!

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  52. & Resende :Comme l’a déjà écrit Nico, si on laisse les gens s’habiller totalement comme ils le veulent, alors on autorise aussi le naturisme dans nos rues, nos lieux publics, nos supermarchés, etc. Sinon, défendre l’un sans défendre l’autre, ce n’est pas défendre la liberté, mais notre soumission à une religion.

  53. Della #3meranda #2plz plz i realy am addicted to this series and im just finishing (taken at dusk) and i kinda wanna read on and this would be awesome , i know im going on and on but im naturally crazy ps: love ya cc and ur work pps: im so CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!ppps: im like ur awesomest fan in da universe ( no offense ppl) =)

  54. It was awesome reading about all these great people here. Joel, I remember meeting up with you and Nina, and Brandon eating amazing food at Rosa de Lima. (Rosa de Lima please come back! You were my favorite restaurant in Chicago and I have been sad every since you burned down.Joel, congrats on a full year of blogging. Keep rocking out!Mark

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  57. I gotta disagree. Sherrill had a nightmare season last year, but he’s just one year removed from a four year run of a 142 ERA+. Linebrink has a 110 ERA+ over the last five years. He had trouble keeping the ball in the park, but a lot of that was pitching for the White Sox.

  58. This is from Canada and she said 3 times there is a waiting list for the sleep study. Of course, government healthcare is way better than what is in America (this was sarcasm)… Now before everyone from Canada gets mad at me let me say what Canada does is it’s own affair. I can say this type of healthcare just will not do in America. I got my sleep study and a CPAP in a week…

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  60. That looks such a fab party, in spite of the spooky birds! The food looks divine. I can't help missing that kitsch cheesboard, but Adrian's impressive pepper mill makes up for it. You girls all look lovely! Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Walsall. I'm assuming a trip to the Art Gallery is on the cards? Annie xx

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  62. I’m not sure if that would work. He can pardon illegal immigrants for past immigration violations, but he can’t change the law. Simply by being present in this country, undocumented immigrants are breaking the law, and since pardons (I’m pretty sure) can’t be issued in anticipation of future lawbreaking, there wouldn’t be much of an effect in issuing them. He can of course refuse to enforce existing immigration laws, but that’s a different issue.

  63. This is a GREAT idea. I love it. I was talking to Dafydd about it. It reminds me of a similar experiment Julio Cortazar did with his novel Hopscotch. The idea of the book being that you could read it front to back, in his suggested order or in any other way you would like, to make your own book.The idea of the website is great!Lovely, and timely. Look forward to hearing it.

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  65. · Happy birthday! I’ll be 30 next year and I’m really looking forward to it actually. I feel like I’ve done enough with my 20s and I’m ready to move on and move forward. I adore these pictures too. I’ve never thought about going to Alabama but I’ve fallen in love with it from your pictures!

  66. kingson def man of match! he was awesome in goal, but the black stars D was tight and US couldn’t really penetrate…..yea they had chances, but ghana stuck it to em. US def wasn’t the same team as in previous game, and they decided to show up a lil too late! coaching decisions can have some effect, but all in all, the team is the ones out there on the field…….

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  68. stevenw “My reason for wanting women in SC is so that the women of SC could have a say in what will impact them.”Is it silly of me to not understand what that means? Does each racial. ethnic, religious, group or sexual orientation need to have representatives of their own kind, to have their voice heard? And does it have to be proportionate to their share of voter-population? If we're assuming that we're putting up candidates who are fair and just, unbiased and unprejudiced, why can't any citizen effectively represent all segments?

  69. Steve dit :Encore une fois Giscard tu as écrit un bon papier, félicitation. J’ai bien hâte de voir les réponses des  »Rouges ». Je prédis qu’il y en aura pas beaucoup, tu les as bouchés avec tes arguments et remarques bétons!!!

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  73. I LOVE my 40′s! I’m just extremely frustrated with all my friends calling themselves old. What an insult to the truly elderly! Myself, I was hit in the mouth with a bungee cord on my 40th birthday and spent the day looking like pouty lip injections gone bad….But back to enjoying my 40′s- I’m having tons of fun and hopefully leaving an impression on my own children so that they will NOT be calling themselves old when they reach middle age.

  74. Tipic dat din buci autohton. Nu ne plac legumele modificate genetic, hai să ne deschidem fermă, nu ne place cum se dau degeaba exploatările de cupru, hai să le cumpărăm noi. Nu mai bine faceÈ›i un efort de lectură È™i încercaÈ›i să vă dovediÈ›i ‘dreptatea’ înÈ›elegînd despre ce spune omu în propoziÈ›ia în cauză? Știu că răspunsul e nu, vă puteÈ›i deci abÈ›ine de la comentarii.

  75. Dejligt, det vil jeg glæde mig til. SÃ¥ kan det være at jeg kan fÃ¥ lidt inspiration til nye produkter :)Men det vil sige at der ikke er noget i hverken hÃ¥rlak eller mousse, som ikke er tilladt pÃ¥ CG? Jeg mangler nemlig nogle gange nogle stylingprodukter af en art, sÃ¥ de kunne jo være en oplagt mulighed hvis det er 🙂

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  77. – Wow. What an excellent find! Would love to see what else you snagged. Also, I just had a similar situation that I blogged about this weekend where I got a major steal and then ended up getting roped into some small splurges because of it, but I figured it all evened out in the end Reply

  78. Cynthia – What outrageously awesome pics from Sat! The weather was perfect and you def showed us a good time. The moustaches, cameras, painting, snacks, and prizes were a huge hit with Sid and Chloe. Thank you so much for the invite. We loved seeing all the people in your photos in “real life.”

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