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  2. It just occurred to me that here in the US we're on our way to sinking a total $3 billion into this Cash for Clunkers program, which is earning a nearly non-existent ROI. That same money could give about 25% of the world's thirsty access to clean and safe drinking water.

  3. hey i have quite a few problems here, i tried to install the windows drivers as explained in the video but that didnt seem to work and now i dont see my device in device manager. also it will not stay in the bootloader anymore it simply opens the bootloader and proceeds to reboot, any help would be extremely appreciated.

  4. If the Rays could work their way into the playoffs, I actually really like the way they’ve been playing. Getting production out of C, SS, 2b and CF like they have not had all season, plus Longoria looks about as good as he has since his return. Kind of a key day today to make up the half game on Baltimore. Those Angels-Mariners games were just painful to see the last two nights.

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  7. the bit about NASA having grownups, that was me being optimistic. If interplanetary space missions discover that the greenhouse theory is worthless sophist crap, but the discovery is buried behind a pay wall at Nature Magazine, will Socrates roll over in his grave?

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  9. QE2 caused outrageous inflation in China so China restricted inflation by hiking bank rates to reduce lending. Small businesses in China suffered from the lack of liquidity. Today China reversed a bit by cutting the reserve requirement ratio for its commercial lenders on Wednesday for the first time in nearly three years to ease credit strains and shore up an economy running at its weakest pace since 2009. The very same day WTI crude closed up over $100 so China's action may have brought some inflation back.

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  11. The "more info" text disappears when it's expanded. Very frustrating and I hope it gets fixed soon. While others may use a lot of these new features, for me it clutters things up too much. The sections for sharing and links takes up too much room and the comments are difficult to read.

  12. Le feuillage de l'arbre ressemble à celui d'un tilleul, mais je pense qu'il s'agit d'un autre arbre car je ne vois pas de petites graines ni leurs ailettes…Le style photo ancienne pour l'image d'un site que tu viens de découvrir m'étonne un peu, je l'aurais préférée avec ses couleurs automnales, mais rien ne presse, tu vas y retourner souvent :))

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  19. I'll have to hunt down some Canadian works this year. I've been meaning to read another John McFetridge so that would be a start.I classify by the place the novel is setting in as that's what I'm trying to capture in the post – where I've visited, rather than the nationality of the author. I was quite surprised by how many places I'd made it to as it felt like a very US/UK/Irish year of reading.

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  21. don’t *pretend* to take submissions — I only speak for myself here, but the majority of submissions to my category are a) spam sites b) sites that add nothing to the category c) sites submitted in the totally wrong category or d) “business card” sites that add little value to the category as a whole.There are occasional links that add value to the category that are submitted correctly (I have added many), and I always add those.However, you have to understand the mentality of an editor. Our objective is to make our category the best that it can possibly be — not necessarily the most inclusive. Sometimes, less is more.

  22. 1.) It appears LAN rules are assigned an ACTION = Pass but FLOATING rules are set to ACTION = Queue. Is this accurate or should both be set to Queue?2.) Under ADVANCED FEATURES, should the Acknowledge/Queue be set to qACK/[qName] for all LAN AND Floating rules? Both directions.3.) Under FIREWALL > TRAFFIC SHAPER > BY INTERFACE, should WAN – qDefault have the same priority as LAN – qLink? And should both WAN – qDefault and LAN – qLink both have the parameter Default Queue “checked” (enabled)?

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  46. Having grown up in the 50′s in the Jim Crow south, I know the Klan(in this case the JKK) and their tried and true methods when I see them. Controlled the press, the banks, politics, every aspect of power. Nothing has changed except the ethnic identity of the pieces on the chessboard. New uniform, different geography, but the song remains the same. “We’re superior, xxxxxx” and we’re going to keep it that way. I have only come across a couple of cultures that seemed to have seriously gotten beyond this weakness which was extraordinarily refreshing once this American removed his blinders.Hej!

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  293. Civil Rights luminary Fred Shuttlesworth died the same day as Steve Jobs. He was stabbed, beaten, his home bombed and his family continually threatened with violence as he pursued a lifetime of non-violent social action to make this country and world a better place. R.I.P. Fred. You WILL be very missed!

  294. —-Mentre l’organizzazione ebraica nazionale francese critica l’iniziativa di Charlie Hebdo, l’organizzazione studentesca la sostiene.—-Forse bisognerebbe pubblicare un po’ di quelle vignette “satiriche” sull’Olocausto della “collezione” di Ahmadinejad, così i virgulti ebraici francesi potrebbero imparare il significato dell’espressione “fare i gay col fondoschiena altrui”….ma del resto so’ studenti, hanno tempo per imparare un po’ di saggezza e di esercizio della civile convivenza….

  295. Neo says: December 9, 2012 at 8:54 amOn a lighter note, I know your reference to “minaret noise” was figurative. But I do have to say that I actually enjoy the sound of Azan. It is a part of my heritage and I think it’s beautiful. I see no reason to deny my Islamic heritage or to alienate my Muslim brothers and sisters. I wish they felt the same way and had a little more respect for diversity of opinions.

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  297. This kills me. If the parking fees are not enough to pay to maintain the garage why is it there at all?I have been told it will be a difficult, costly project to install a structure over the tracks and platforms that can support an extension of Exchange Place to Gaspee St. That would become the best route for most buses and streetcars to points north, to the benefit thousands per day, not 360. Who knows, maybe fewer people would feel the need to drive to the train station.

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