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  1. I’m the same way in MMOs and other RPGs. My Fallout 3 chars were both female, all my GW chars are female, my Mass Effect chars were both female…Anytime there’s a choice, I create a female character. Anecdotally, I find that’s the pattern with most female gamers, and that gender-switching is more common among male gamers. Just among my own group, anyway, I have no hard data on this. But when there’s a choice of gender, my female gamer friends create female characters, and my male gamer friends create either depending on their mood.

  2. Benrun…don’t be a hypocrite….in making those comments you aren’t allowing me to express myself. Anyway, that’s my angle.Anybody care to share a fantasy setlist for Tomahawk. PLease be forewarned…I may piss all over your comments. hahaha….kidding.Lastoknow…agreed…God hates…and Capt midnight are 2 of my all time favs as well.

  3. Se può farti piacere, oggi mi sono licenziato dal lavoro nonostante la crisi e la "fortuna" di averne uno.Voglio solo fare quello che mi piace.Se non c'è libertà non c'è amore e non c'è intelligenza.Spero di essere d'esempio per altri che sono anch'essi intrappolati nella questione lavorativa e non ne possono più: non moriremo di fame.. fate solo quello che volete nella vita!

  4. Agree with Cindy and Ann – sounds like this woman has been paying a 30 year fixed at 9.8% for 15 years and then got hit by some unexpected tradedy. All she really needed was advice – after 15 years at 9.8 if she has been a regular payer, then getting a refinance would be VERY sensible.This is the kind of person we should be helping. Not the get-rich-quick crowd, or the kind of people who stretch because they fancy themselves financially savvy.

  5. Adoro esse fuchsia, realmente uma cor bold & positiva: makes your day!!!! Esse blazer e tao lindo, adoro o corte!!Estas radiante.na 1a foto estas com a mesma inclinacao da cabeca como o Allien atras….you 2 are ADORABLE!!!!! vanda

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  8. Det var ju tråkigt som det varit. Hoppas det är bra nu. Men hur ska de klara sig på Lidingö nu då? Men allah lär sköta de sina, så det klarar sig säkert. Grattis Malmö till ännu en berikande socialsekreterare med så mycket erfarenhet. Sjölvklrat ska man vara på plats där det händer. Klokt beslutat av dig. Blir bättre för läsarna. Lycka till då.

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  11. मिलिंदधन्यवाद.. “खरंतर मन म्हणजे वाळलेल्या पाल्या पाचोळ्यासारख च आहे. Control मध्ये ठेवून वापरलं तर शेकोटी म्हणून पण वापरता येइल नुसतंच उधळलं तर नुसतीच वावटळ. ” हे वाक्य अप्रतीम आहे. आभार.

  12. Skip! Great insight here. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. “…Less comfortable in the end…” Yes, isn’t that ironic? It’s so complicated. It was a great conversation. I wish I could have shared every small detail. I’m still chewing on it, and likely will be for a long while. Will be looking out for you at the mall. I will most definitely be there. Wouldn’t be Christmas without the last minute panic. 😉

  13. So apparently I am somewhat old fashioned (10gR1) as Harm pointed out. Anton’s very neat trick which did not even require the use of PL/SQL will be available to me when I finally upgrade to 10gR2. I am most impressed by the way with Anton’s handling of the dc:author element – namespaces can be horrible when parsing and transforming!It is interesting to see how many ways there are to work with XML content in the Oracle database. It is also good to have colleagues like Harm and Anton who can show me the (proper) way.

  14. I've been waiting for this one since it was released in the US too! Can't believe I still haven't got a copy – I think it's because I'm working through my already ridiculous TBR pile! I'm even more excited for it now you've posted this though – maybe an early Christmas present for myself?Many thanks!

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  16. Had I realized you were a Mormon, I would never have mentioned Margaret Barker without a mountain of distinguos. No, she does not support Mormon theology in the least; the concept of Yahweh she brings out is not the tritheistic and anthropomorphic oddity of Mormon belief, and I would like to be shown where the Mormons had ever made an identification between Yahweh and the Second Person. But I don’t want to be involved any further.

  17. Good Night by Chance, sweet David dreams to you! I can’t imagine how David would act without his hands , he uses them to express his emotions when he’s singing or just talking.

  18. How much would someone get paid for that kind of job? I have no idea if it’s like $150 a video or $5,000.Certainly not in the thousands. A couple of hundred dollars, maybe? $500 would be really good pay for a brief video like that, and I would think you would need more clout than KERF to get that.

  19. Hi Brad, I’m not surprised there are folks out there specializing in helping with that western/China web presence. The Ciber group at IU is doing a lot to try and bridge those cultural divides as well. Seems that there would be opportunity in trying to better target every international market out there.

  20. Are you saying that the EHRs that Sebelius states saves time and lives need an organizer cause they are laden with gibberish? Oh my! Sebelius must be making this stuff up as she saunters, meets, and greets the HIT vendors in Las Vegas. And she is the mouthpiece for Obama.What is her medical expertise, any way?

  21. The more our government sells the people down the river, the more we are going to see this sort of thing. I’m not surprised. What bothers me is how the traitors, the real traitors – in the press, in congress, in academia – continue to get away with their treasonous activities. I can see a time where some terroristic action in the US will lead to star chambers and assassinations. I can see desaparecidos among the imams in the future. Then the law will not only be an ass, but an irrelevant one, as well.

  22. Matt, That is an excellent suggestion and I will include that info in the letter. Our neighborhood isn't patrolled but I have tried to get parking enforcement out when the neighbor parks on the lawn but have been told they don't have enough enforcement officers to respond to calls like that! Argh!

  23. Jeg har lige selv været pÃ¥ broderi-workshop hos Karen Marie. Og lig dig var broderi = korssting for mig. Som i 4. klasses hÃ¥ndarbejdsundervisning for en million Ã¥r siden. Men det er jo en fantastisk verden, som Karen Marie fÃ¥r Ã¥bnet for en. Jeg er ogsÃ¥ helt betaget og vild med det. 😉 Og dine smÃ¥ broderi-billeder er helt unikke og vidunderlige. Virkelig flot arbejde. 🙂

  24. OMG…I’m speechless! Honestly….not sure what I am stunned by more…your eye for beautiful photos or how gorgeous E & S are! I’m so glad you worked with J! These pictures are priceless…love how you got Tucker in there too! Great job….I’m thinking they should be submitted to a magazine!! xo

  25. Liebe Mirjam,das verstehe ich vollkommen. Ich habe mich jetzt auch dazu aufgerafft und das erste mal eine Kurzgeschichte zu einer Ausschreibung geschickt. Aber es kostet doch enorm viel Schreibenergie, die man eigntlich anderweitig verwenden kann.Und es ist ja nicht so, als hättest Du mit Kind und Pferden nicht sonst auch noch etwas zu tun, oder? Trotzdem wünsche Dir, dass Deine Ideenflut anhält!Liebe Grüße,Nikola

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  27. Hi precious Elaine, came back over today to tell you that I did visit Lisa’s blog and I’m so glad that I did. She seems very sweet and I was introduced to this Friday’s Five Favorite things and although I don’t normally participate on my blogs in Linky’s and Meme’s I do enjoy reading them on others but this one I may have to do…Love ya and thinking of ya!

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  30. Também gostei do progama, foi muito bom. O Democratas mostrou união com essa atitude, estão de parabens.E ainda teremos PPS,PTB e PSDB pela frente, e mais iserções na tv. Estou otimista, espero que Serra abra vantagem novamente sobre Dilma nas pesquisas que são crivel. Pelo menos tem que tentar chegar empatado até nos debates.

  31. AH!!!! Tinha me esquecido do Triste Fim do Progressismo e eu não abandonei a sola scriptura…sobre o meu debate com o Jorge eu citei que o tero “papa” não existe na bíblia e ele concordou,mas não é este o motivo de Pedro não ser papa que eu expus lá. Eu venho para um blog católico e vou para qualquer blog que eu ache interessante e isto não muda em nada o meu credo,mas dificilmente eu debato e nunca ofendi ninguém aqui até hoje e tenho minha consciência tranquila…QUE DEUS TE ABENÇOE! A PAZ DE CRISTO!

  32. vous oubliez qu’un prisonnier peut donner un poumon à une personne, le seoncd à un autre, ses cornées à un troisième, le foie à un quatrième, de la moelle osseuse à un cinquième, le coeur à un sixième, un rein à un septième… Je ne dis pas qu’il y a le compte, mais ça nous rapproche des statistiques officielles. Et puis il y a les accidentés qui complètent. Des morts par accidents il y en a largement plus de 20000 par an en Chine, sans trop m’avancer…

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  34. “The weakest fall first, dragging many with them”Now this is the sort of cheery wisdom we need on our daily desk calendars.Just listening to the arts program on RN and a review of Faustus where the King Midas story was also mentioned. Greek wisdom goes that far back at least, but maybe wasn’t remembered. When the bubble bursts we remember that ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’.

  35. Grandísimo artigo, Pereiro. Hai anos dabas máis voltas, non eras tan directo. Nos últimos anos escrebes artigos de moita calidade. Moi claros e ao mesmo tempo amosando o fondo das cousas. Neste artigo, efectivamente, a fascinación do poder fai que persoas metidas nelo, cometan auténticas barbaridades.

  36. ". A running joke in Margin Call is that each higher-up understands the statistics less than his underling."It's funny, but is that really true? My experience in the real world is that senior execs in I-banking, private equity, management consulting and law are generally MORE knowledgeable than their underlings. In cases where they are not, they would certainly never admit it openly. I assumed Wall Street worked the same way.

  37. Oh VERY happy birthday to elder Tog! Hope he’s having a good one. Are you going out to celebrate, or something? Is he having one of those Big Eighteenth dos? Daughter went to a lot of them, but hers was truncated due to coinciding with VCE exam time – Boo – so we let her go to the coast for Schoolies instead, cos she and her friends are reasonably sensible.

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  39. Takkis Marionetten haben auch keine Ideen den vom grossen Führerinspirierten Wahnsinn irgendwie zu stoppen.Ãœberlegungen wie sie Abhisit z.B. mit Malaysia angestrebt hatsind bei Takkis Püppchen nicht möglich.Ist eben nicht so einfach wie mit Hun Sen.Der ballert wenns gebraucht wird (zur Ablenkung).  berndgrimm  

  40. Dieses Jahr kaufe ich mir mal einen echten Adventskranz, aber der muß schon irgendwie besonders aussehen und Engel habe ich genug, bin Engelsammlerin. Ansonsten kommt nix in die Fensterbank, somit haben die Fenster noch Zeit *g* und auch sonst wird nicht viel Schnickschnack zu finden sein.Früher war das anders, jetzt mag ich nicht mehr.Grüßlis ♥ Marianne

  41. disse:Realmente esse “zoião” é de matar (de rir) a concorrência…só falta o Gripen aparecer “vestido” de Drag Queen “a lá ABBA” para para fechar de vez as últimas aparições de nossos tão desejados caças substitutos dos já ansiões F5 (mesmo o F5M),mirages III/2000.

  42. « What I’d like to focus on is how to move us forward, not on how to fix white people. The negative images aren’t just a matter of what others think of us. It’s about what those images say about how we view ourselves. » I agree! West Coast Story you must me a new reader to this blog. It’s far from bash whitey on this site. Quite the contrary, I am pretty much about doing for self big time. (No Cosby speech needed here) Self examination is always important, but we should never lose sight of how we got to this point in the first place, to avoid making the same mistakes again. Peace.

  43. 15fNossa, eu AMEI essa idéia!!! Queria muito que tivesse esse serviço disponível em todas as cidades do mundo, hehehe! Eu gosto tanto de tirar foto que ninguém agüenta meu ritmo, HAUHAUHUAHA! Seria uma ótima, mas o preço poderia estar mais em conta, heim…Beijinhos!

  44. Des débilités mais respectables, « liberté d’expression », cependant un regard sur le présent laisse pantois au vu de ce qui s’est produit depuis dix ans. Les instituts de sondages sont propriété des « amis ». Quel crédit accordé à ces manipulateurs patentés?

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  46. :Tiens, comme c’est drôle, je trouve vos propos aujourd’hui aussi très pertinents.Vous avez mille fois raison, +1 aussi.Et je trouve ahurissant que la politique se résume en 2011 à déblatérer conneries sur conneries juste pour avoir sa bobine en 11ère page, histoire de ne pas se faire oublier.C’est monstrueux car cela détruit l’idée démocratique même, et du coup la légitimité de la structure étatique, des lois, et la suite logique est terrible : la participation à la vie de la société, l’idée même de la citoyenneté.Où va-t-on ?

  47. Oh, for…So what? She's 18, that's the legal drinking age in Spain. Plus, she only had one beer. Honestly, are we going to lynch Miley for everything? First she doesn't wear a bra, then she has one beer where she's legally of age to do so…I mean, I don't like her either, but GEEZ. She's 18 and she's having a beer! Get over it, it's not that big of a deal!If we're going to lynch her for anything, it'd have to be her taste in beer. Miley, honey, Corona is shit. Have a Sam Adams or a Lienenkugel.

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  50. A “refundação” de Passos Coelho, (“súbdito submisso de Merkel” e da finança alemã), não é mais do que uma verdadeira tentativa de golpe de estado. Um golpe de estado contra a Democracia e os direitos democráticos. E, por mais esforços que faça, será muito difícil persuadir as famílias e os cidadãos que a sua “refundação” – mais privatizações, padrões mais baixos de serviços públicos, maior desigualdade entre ricos e pobres – é legítima. Mário Soares tem razão, como Ferreira Leite e aposto, o próprio Cavaco Silva.

  51. Ouhaaaaa J'adore ton blog, j'ai envie de tout essayer… mais je crois que je vais déjà commencer par cette appétissante recette de cookies… hummmm je te remerci par avance pour le petit moment de bonheur que ta recette va m'offrir 😉

  52. ah ure whining again why is that? u want to garner sympathy from captain save a manhating carpet licking lesbian loser? why would he? u have continuously abused many on this blog nobody feels sorry for u at all again where is proof of ur record breaking iq?where r ur publications in peer reviewed journals again?ude think a 250 iqer would be a bit more creative but clearly somethings amiss here

  53. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

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  55. your makeup looks flawless, even after 12 hours of wear! as for eyeliner, i have the opposite problem in that it tends to shift to my under eye area after a few hours.also, i'm using l'oréal voluminous carbon black lately and it dried up much faster than the regular voluminous one so i think i'll change back to that.

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  57. —-non dico mica che i manifestanti “abbiano fatto bene”, per così dire, a sfogare così la loro rabbia, tantomeno a uccidere l’ambasciatore americano. Pino Mamet–Abbi pazienza, caro Pino, ma quelli che hanno ucciso il povero Stevens non erano “manifestanti”, erano miliziani di Alquaeda infiltrati in quel casino che è ancora la Libia, purtroppo.

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  59. Still India failed to extract a commitment for its bid to UN security council membership. “For example, neither of our *respective civilizations* have had much problem, historically, in *killing recalcitrant Muslims*.”India has worlds second largest Muslim population. The first being Indonesia. India is fighting Muslim seperatists only in Kashmir, which is being abetted by its neighbour.

  60. It’s so hard to say. Both times I’ve made this it has turned out amazingly rich and flavourful, but there are so many factors at play . . . the type of wine (I think I used a pino grigio), the flavours in your tomatoes, whether your thyme was fresh or dried, the broth, etc. I’ll have to make it for you one day and see what you think then.

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  65. « The question that is interesting is why does not everyone hate Bush? »The answer to that question is that everyone DOES hate Bush, he was the worst President in modern history. Of anything.As for the 20% that still approved of him when he left office; the reason some people still liked him is the subject of Eddie’s post.

  66. The msm swallowed this crock full of excrement and even licked their collective lips as they gave the lying leader of the liebral party a “get out of questions” free card.They are sickening in their sycophantic behaviour and history will judge them harshly for being the flunkies of a nutter who should never be the holder of any high office, much less Prime Minister.

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  68. Why do a lot of straight girls LOVE to make out and toy with lesbians?but then when you even SUGGEST that you have any feelings for them they go running in the opposite direction…i cant seem to get a break. All these straight girls like me, and then when i say that i want to be more than just sex/make-out buddies, they’re all like, “WHAT! I’m not a lesbian!” and im like, “Ah, i think you are!”

  69. Hola Cristina, soy de Río Cuarto, estoy viendo tu página y me parece fantástica!, te cuento que estoy por comenzar un microemprendimiento sobre armado y venta de biyouterie y te agradecería que me mandes las direcciones en donde adquiris tus insumos, y algunos consejos de cómo comenzar, ya que en mi ciudad no hay un lugar donde se dicten cursos a cerca del tema, además si me pudieras indicar cuales son las herramientas necesarias e indispensables para el armado de biyouterie y donde comprarlas, en fin todo lo que envies me será enormemente útil y desde ya muchas gracias. Lili.

  70. I know you probably look at your home and pictures and see a nightmare, but as soon as your page loaded my heart almost stopped. All that space! All that POTENTIAL! It was overwhelming. I can’t wait to see the final product and even some of the steps between here and there!

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  296. Cool! Always nice to hear someone else’s creative approach. How much lighter is your set up?I’ve looked into stands with carbon fibre downpipes and stuff but while those easily costs 2x as much, they aren’t that much lighter due to most of the heavy part like tilters and joints still were made of heavy, heavy steel.

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  315. This speaks to my heart so much. I’m a fairly self-confident person, and always have been, so I think I missed some of the traditional emotional stumbles of girls. (Not all of them, by any means.) My oldest daughter is a sensitive girl, very aware of what’s going on around her and all the ways girls (and boys) can hurt each other. I’m praying that I show her how to be strong. How to acknowledge the differences, the real hurts, and then move on. Lots of prayers as I raise my kids.

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  324. Great stuff. I wonder about laying the entire blame on the left, however. I think there are too many power interests that span left and right, and foster the turmoil. On immigration, for example, the right likes the cheap labor and the left likes the political support. But mostly you make trenchant comments that are seen almost nowhere else.

  325. Ronan,My sense is that Europe is rooting for Obama; it would be funny if America sticks two fingers up to Europe (as it did with Bush) by electing the least European guy in the race — Huckabee.It makes sense for Europe to back Obama. Ideologically he is one of them, believing more in diplomacy and in peace, believing in universal health care, not being as divisive as, well, as Bush. They see clear sunlight in Barack after these dark days under Bush.

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  338. Hence the value of keeping the TP movement decentralized and without a prominent leader. Who are they going to attack? They’ll still try, though, and it’ll be funny. I can’t wait to see Olberman freaking about “Casper Wyoming Tea Party deputy assistant Raymond Smith once dressed up in drag for a party. You, sir, are the worst person in the world!”

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