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  1. Da, stiu istoria cu YaK – F 35..Sugestii cu YaK 141 am citit de pe bloguri militare, dar nici eu sincer nu cred ca rusii se vor intoarce la acest proiect, din moment ce au invatat Suhoaiele si Migurile sa “salte” de pe Kuznetov.

  2. You look SO friggin' awesome in the steampunk governess ensemble – We were corset sisters! Love the Leg 'o mutton sleeves and the butt-framing skirt. Littlest has obviously been studying Stanislavsky and various other classics of acting theory. The black and white photos are very atmospheric and perfect for your outfit.

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  4. Pour ce qui est du zen, la derniere fois que j’ai mentionne le mot « meditation » dans une conversation avec des Japonais, on m’a regarde avec beaucoup d’admiration (et surprise et incomprehension), avant de retourner manger et regarder la tele…

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  8. The actual Jewish population is a good deal smaller than that, and much of it consists of senior citizens who hardly speak the language, and were imported for image's sake. "Besides that, I don't think that any goverment will allow the Muslim population to exceed its own native population! Be realistic." Tell that to Sweden or Norway… or France.

  9. No one deserves to be treated like this for stupid mistakes because of her age. Temptations like that come and go everday, and she changed schools so many times she obviously tried to save herself. I’m sorry for the consequences she faced that didn’t let her forgive and forget, I know others actually die on accident and are not viewed as equally important as ones who suffer and just quit, but the bullying comments of her being a whore, after watching this video, is really dissapointing.

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  11. Most scientist with any credibility have absolute proof. It’s also in your DNA. If your view keeps you going by supporting some sense of false of superiority then so be it. It won’t stamp out the truth. That 3000 y/o temple they recently discovered in Yemen is only partially unearthed & is not proof only a theory. It may take years of evacuation & study to find out exactly what it is. It’s odd that Yemen wants to claim Sheba in light of their long history of mistreatment woman.

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  15. Hmm…I am absolutely terrified of little people….I like you, have bad dreams, cant see them without shivering. One time, one came up to me and tapped me trying to sell me one of the movies written by and starring little people. I almost broke into a sprint. I dont know why….its insane isnt it?

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  19. ja trabalhei na secretaria do menor, gostaria de novamente estar atuando,pois estou sempre acompanhando as crianças e adolescentes ,no seus desenvolvimentos, espero ter uma outra nova oportunidade e desenvolver um bom trabalho, as crianças e adolescentes são o futuro do nosso brasil…..

  20. he needed to be happy with himself. He stayed single and content for a few years after reaching that point…maybe you just aren’t ready and all of this pressure (your own or society’s) is forcing you into something you’re not ready to do.

  21. Janus, jag orkade läsa, kunde inte sluta, blir mycket berörd. Jag undrar har du fått någon hjälp att bearbeta allt detta svåra du gått igenom? Jag kan tänka att utan bearbetning så kommer alla minnen att välla fram i olika situationer och tynga dig. Fint att alla medicinska värden är så bra, grattis till det. Bästa hälsningar till dig. /Peter


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  25. When you have children of your own you think beyond your generation, beyond yourself. We can all learn something from each other, peace/love/unity is they way forward. I understand your natural defensiveness due to the constant criticism of your nation, for your own sake do not let this negativity control you, do not become what you hate.Peace

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  27. Wow! Powerful and inspiring stories. It is narratives such as these that will create the tension and push against standardization and academics-only thought that prevails today. We need to give value as a global society to creativity, passion and the joy that comes when you do the work you love.

  28. Hey Julie,You’re right, people do ask about whether they’ve read anything I’ve written and I do get embarrassed about having to say I’m still trying to get published. Lots of times I throw that in there without being prompted and that is even worse because I’m making a big deal out of it that way.

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  30. that was funny!!! 9:58 AMguess u would know u wannabe dawktaw who will never be only a cheap taudry piece of shit back alley whore like u kimqueef would make a statement like that and why at close to 50 do u brag about going to medical school? guess the gubbmint is your suga daddy cuz u too dam ugly and old to get a real man chrick!

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  35. If you bothered to play the first video, you wouldnt be so glib unless your a toll working for the bad guys???? Is that possible??? You are talking like one and in fact, we have 25 tactics they use and this is one of them.Put "disinformation tactics" into the search box and see for yourself. lol busted….. lol

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  37. Funny- we seem to have the Dreadful Snow Goons in Central Maine as well, perhaps they are a sub-species? Ours tend towards teethy pine branches for that fresh breath… and yellow feet when the huskies attack! Glad to see your blog back in action as well- hope the issues with VON are in the past.Sal

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  46. Maybe I give the current administration to much credit, but this may be a way to creat the ground-work to blame Israel whenever, not if, the next serious attack on America occurs. That way Obama, et. al., need not counter the attack. Instead they can blame Israel and demand more concessions. Of course, the anti-Israel folks and the Arabs will willingly play their parts.

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  52. Thank-you all for sharing the outrage I felt over this unconscionable, inexcusable and evil series of events created by the U.S. Government. Not to imply my personal disgust was in any way not shared previously by anyone else.I don’t know what “working informally” with Brian Terry’s Family means either, and I cannot imagine what kind of a deal could be worked with them that would ever resemble anything like “justice” for Brian Terry and the hundreds of Mexican Citizens and others murdered as a result of this rotten scheme.Thank-you, Mr. Farago, for keeping this matter in focus.

  53. I did once come across the theory that the problem with saying "Do you know who I am?" to the cops isn't the answer, but the fact that cop's automtically translate it:"I am a pompous prat who desperately needs to be taken down a peg or two; dear kind Mr. Policeman would you so oblige?"

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  60. I am right along with you–window seat please–and can't wait to hear about what I would have seen if I were actually there. I'll look forward to all your posts. Don't even concern yourself with leaving me a comment because you couldn't shake me loose with a ten foot pole!!Best,Bonnie

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  62. – I can add to daedaulus’ summary of New England weather – yes the winters are very cold, but don’t think they make up for it with warm summers! The humidity is unbearable, and although air conditioning is everywhere, I doubt you would consider moving somewhere you had to stay indoors all the time, it kind of defeats the purpose, right?

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  64. re #64- They are trapped? Cumon Gator is that what they really are saying now trapped in their little socialist utopia. HaHaHa……. speaking of your friends and neighbors judging each other wait until someones kid get busted for selling drugs so they can buy the Abercrombie clothes they could no longer afford after their family income was cut in half. I can see allot of new fence permits. What is the allowable fence height anyway? Can you put up a stone wall with glass on top?

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